Once upon a time back in 1955 Ramirent started out as a shop for steel nails. Soon we met the demands from customers to supply other material and tools. It was natural to branch out to meet the needs of the construction industry. Just as this first expansion was driven by customer demands, our development has always been guided by this simple idea – we can achieve the best results by working closely with the customers.

People who don’t know us may see us as just an equipment rental company. But those who know us know there’s more to it than that. For us it’s equally important to offer you our know-how. We want to be able to give you good advice when you’re renting a new machine, so you can do whatever you want in the best possible way, in a safe work environment.

Ramirent’s solutions are based on two main principles: Safe choice of machinery and equipment and safety expertise. You make a safe choice by renting machinery and equipment from Ramirent. We work with the leading suppliers and manufacturers. You obtain access to modern and newly serviced construction machinery and equipment with the latest technology for safety, ergonomics and protective equipment.

Michael Larsen, Project Manager at KPC is responsible for the construction site at Krimsvej at Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen. KPC is building 190 new apartments for Lærernes Pension. A challenge with a project like this in an city area, is the lack of space for onsite office and personnel buildings, while keeping the construction site clear. KPC asked Ramirent for help and we decided to visit to check it out.

Deep down in the woods of Dalarna there’s a big project going on. We decided to travel to Boliden’s expansion project to meet up with Peter Richardson, project manager, to ask him about how they got everything in place and what solution Ramirent provided, when it comes to space.

How would you solve the power supply for a construction area of 30 000 square meters? When building a tram depot, SL had to find a solution to keep the project going. We met up with the production manager at SL, and asked him about the new depot and how Ramirent made SL stay in power.