Ramirent’s trainings focus on safety at work

Construction workers do their job at great heights, in challenging weather and on slippery surfaces. They need to protect themselves from dust and chemical exposure. Ramirent’s trainings have been planned to develop safety from a productivity point of view. Keeping workers safe and healthy means getting the job at construction sites done on time.

Our number one mission is to make construction sites – both small and big ones – safer, and that’s why we provide continuous and diverse safety training for our customers. Construction workers need to be properly trained for using the machinery and equipment used on construction sites.

Our trainings offer a comprehensive range of safety courses to deal with constantly tightening requirements of legislation. In addition to the courses focusing on legislation and safety certificates required on construction sites, we offer our own trainings on, for example, safety on scaffolds, fall protection, dust management and the use of lifts. Only after completing the training, the user of the specific machine is authorized to use it. We also customize courses, if needed, to ensure our customers get the training that exactly meets their needs.

More machines, more knowledge

As practical work is at the heart of our industry, we have included hands-on training sections in almost all of our courses. We at Ramirent are highly knowledgeable of machines, small and big, used on construction sites of all kinds, and we want to help our customers to use the machinery as well and safely as we do.

Participants of our courses simply love to try our machines and equipment after they have studied the theory. Interesting topics often pop up during the theory sessions, and it’s a huge advantage that we are able to go through those questions using the machinery in real life.

One of our most popular courses is “Mobile elevating work platforms”, which teaches the safe use of lifts on construction sites. In addition to a theory section, the course includes practical sessions about topics such as the use of the emergency lowering device, maneuvering and driving different lift types.

During the power cutter and chain saw courses, participants learn cutting techniques and making correct cuts through timber or concrete. Being able to use these kinds of machines safely is highly important.

The practical sessions are supervised by an experienced trainer to ensure the highest safety level. There are also theoretical and practical tests at the end of certain courses, and certificates are only given to those who pass.

Live and learn

There are dozens of different courses in Ramirent’s range and we are ready to develop more, when there is a need. The starting point is always to solve our customers’ challenges. There is a difference if our customer works on a small construction site of a detached house or at a shipyard. The needs for a lift training, for example, differ a lot.

Our trainers want to make it easy for our customers to attend the important safety trainings and that’s why our courses are flexible in terms of scheduling and location. That’s why it’s possible to arrange a course in any of our customer centers or even closer to your place of business – in your own premises or other suitable location.

Ramirent’s trainings are arranged in all Ramirent countries. Check our local country websites to see the course offering!

Tommi Toponen Ramirent Finland
Fredrik Blomberg Ramirent Sweden

Head of training
Ramirent Finland, Finland