Careful coordination by Ramirent during hospital renovation to avoid disruption to patient care

With the addition of several new buildings and other modernization work, Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital) is poised to serve more people even better than before. Each year about 140,000 people come in for treatment and about 7,000 babies are delivered at the hospital.

Södersjukhuset is facing its biggest change ever. To develop its healthcare service capabilities, new and modern premises are currently under construction. With the expansion and renovations, Södersjukhuset will become one of Sweden’s most modern hospitals. The best possible environment for both patients and employees will further improve the quality of care as well as working conditions around the clock, every day of the year.

Locum that manages Stockholm County Council’s care properties has appointed NCC as the general entrepreneur to construct two new buildings. NCC chose Ramirent to provide the project with modules, lifts, hoists, scaffolding, a variety of heavy construction machines, handheld machinery and fall protection equipment such as GuardLite. The contract runs from December 2015 until June 2019.

Ramirent’s temporary factory is the heart of the site

Ramirent is participating in the construction of two new buildings for the hospital. A new logistics center will handle vital matters for the hospital’s day-to-day operations, such as waste, laundry, various materials and equipment and medical gases. In addition, a new, seven-floor treatment building will be constructed, with emergency and operating rooms.

A key solution to the site is Ramirent’s temporary factory, which provides equipment to ensure that the project advances smoothly and on schedule. In the case of the Södersjukhuset, on-site service staff makes sure equipment deliveries are made on time and that equipment is available as needs arise. It also houses a collection of lifts, which all subcontractors at the site benefit from. There are approximately 150 lifts at the site and their daily utilization rate is over 90 percent, which speaks volumes for the intensive activity at the site.

The modules provide spaces for the employees to change into work clothes and have well-deserved breaks. Meanwhile, hoists and lifts help employees bring equipment and materials to higher floors safely. Imagine having to carry heavy equipment, like several drills, up several flights of stairs! Not only is it physically strenuous, it can pose unnecessary risks for the employees.


Improving healthcare facilities has a great, human impact

Construction is carried out while the hospital is in full operation. Although the two buildings are not in use during the construction, equipment deliveries to the site must be coordinated carefully to avoid disturbing patients and hospital staff in the area. At least once a week, a safety inspection is carried out at the site to identify potential safety issues and address them promptly. We would not want construction workers to end up as patients.

Although the hospital environment places demands on construction activities, being part of a project such as this one is very rewarding. By contributing to the expansion, we can do our part in helping people receive high quality care. That is something we take pride in.

Project Manager Total Solution
Ramirent Sweden, Sweden