High-Quality Weather Protection

Weather-protected construction sites are a must for constructing safe and healthy environments for tenants as well as personnel. The Kuivaketju10 standard, initiated by the Building Control Services of the City of Oulu and The Ministry of the Environment, is a project to improve weather protection across the industry in Finland. Several companies in the construction industry, including Ramirent, have committed themselves to the project.

The construction industry has seen heavy problems in construction quality and weather protection in the last years. Schools and day care centers, for instance, have seen major water damages and consequently, health-related issues. This is a severe problem and calls for

changes to the current practices and attitudes in the industry. Weather protection is one of the many ways to reduce risks.

Taking action all year round

Customers often consider weather protection to be an additional cost, but ineffective protection may result in contractual disputes, high repair costs, and even a loss of reputation. Weather guards need to be in place all year round and through every stage of the construction process in some form, starting from the design stage and continuing with the prefabrication of structural elements, until the building is fully waterproof.

Committing to shared regulations

The Kuivaketju10 (Drychain10 in English) project is a step towards improving weather protection throughout the building’s life cycle across Finland. The project is aimed at preventing water damages through clear processes that are to be implemented throughout construction projects.

For the project to succeed, everyone needs to commit to the same regulations and construction processes. These shared regulations are already being followed in parts of Finland, and Building Control Services will monitor their implementation, which is something Ramirent values greatly. A proper chain of command results in fewer risks and a healthy competition.

Protecting construction structures is one part of preventing damages, using and maintaining the buildings correctly along the way is another. We currently build weather guards and heating systems, and perform damp measuring for our customers’ sites daily. When necessary, we also dry structures. Kuivaketju10 will increase our collaboration with operators in all parts of the construction process. Planning and training before construction projects will also increase in our operations.

Quality products and skillful professionals

Ramirent’s weather protection products are some of the best in the industry. Our products range from small storage guards to guards of over 40-meter spans. The RamiTower, equipped with a bridge crane, redefines the entire notion of a weather guard due to its functionality. But when it comes to weather protection, products are just one important aspect. Skillful people who plan and execute projects daily are the very core of success. We are an active operator in the construction field, committed to improving it. Weather protection and keeping buildings dry is something all professionals in the industry will be responsible for. The costs of repairing water damages can be huge – investing in proper weather protection is a small price to pay.

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Business Line Director, Projects at Ramirent Finland Oy