The heat is on – Ramirent provides massive heating systems at REDI

REDI is one of the largest ongoing building projects in Finland. After completion, it will encompass a huge shopping center, residential towers stretching to the sky, and a parking facility of 2,000 cars. The functional and modifiable heating system is a key factor in changing weather conditions, as construction work inside the building cannot be carried out before heating is in place.

Well-designed and functional heating at construction sites has an enormous effect on working conditions and proper construction quality. In addition, work efficiency increases considerably as the elements dry off in accordance with the timetable and the construction work can proceed as planned.

Breaking records with 13 megawatts

The first of the REDI towers, Majakka, will soar to a height of 134 meters and become the highest residential building in Finland. Ramirent is also breaking a personal record as the giant hydronic heating systems built at REDI this fall and winter are the largest ever provided by Ramirent in Finland.

80 heaters and 2 to 2.5 kilometers of pipe are needed to keep Majakka warm enough to dry off the building elements. The size of the heating system at REDI shopping center is even more impressive with 230 hydronic heaters, 12 heat exchangers of 800 kW each, piping that extends to a total of 20 kilometers, and a natural gas boiler of 1.2 megawatts that ecologically produces warm water to the heating system. In addition, we provide the heating system for the REDI parking facility. The total heating capacity applied in these three construction projects is immense − about 13 megawatts at its highest – using water circulated heating system.

The dimensions of the heating project make the REDI construction project special but so does the fact that construction work proceeds in a very tight schedule. It means that Ramirent sets up and modifies the heating systems in an agile way to ensure the construction workers of SRV are able to work on schedule.

Proper installation is a must

Heating is an essential part of indoor climate management at construction sites, but no heating system is installed and modified without capable staff particularly experienced in installing heating systems. The machinery and water pipes are extremely heavy, for starters. The large heating systems also have to be modified according to the needs of construction site − even daily – especially when the heating is added and modified at the same time. Ramirent also equips the construction sites with the lifting accessory, as the heavy pipes can’t be moved without these powerful machines.

The successful operation requires also close cooperation with the client. We are actively in touch with our customer and are present and easily reached at the construction site. The response time for modifications of the heating systems at REDI is extremely short. We provide all this: not only the machinery needed, but also the planning, skilled staff, and service 24/7, if needed.

Heating around the year

In Finland, where the weather conditions vary throughout the year, heating at construction sites is crucial. The ideal temperature at the construction site is about +20 degrees, but the variation of outside temperature can be over 50 degrees in different seasons in Finland. The most challenging seasons are fall, when the relative humidity of the air is high, and winter, when it can be freezing cold.

We at Ramirent recommend to begin the heating at construction sites as early as possible to save energy. It may sound inconsistent but it’s not. The heat is stored in the building elements, and thus the need for energy is smaller during the warmer season than if the heating is only started at frost. This fastens the drying of the structures and so indoor work, such as painting and floor coating, can be done in schedule. Sometimes heating is needed in the summertime as well.

Are you warming up to the idea? Be in touch – we provide heating for constructions sites of all sizes!

Mika Uhlgren
Account Manager Heating and Conditions

Mika Ollila
Project Manager REDI


Account Manager Heating and Conditions
Ramirent Finland, Finland