Ramirent’s expertly designed barriers ensure traffic safety at the work site and around it

The planning of construction projects or road works is quite a puzzle, and one that spreads beyond the actual work area. It is not enough to piece together all the activities at the site; transport to and from it and people passing by – on foot, on bicycle or in a car – must also be taken into account. Safety cannot be compromised.

Safety applications come in many forms, from fall protection that prevents workers and objects from falling from high places to traffic safety solutions on the ground. When it comes to road traffic safety, sturdy barriers that prevent access to the work site are a necessary part of the construction or road project.

SafePass™ road barriers protect workers, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers

Road barriers need to be strong enough to stay in place and protect people from collisions. At the same time, they need to be quick and, above all, safe to install. Many existing solutions in the market require that an installer hands-on guides a descending barrier in place, which causes dangerous situations – and incidents and accidents happen much too often. We wanted to develop a safer alternative that would eliminate the risks involved in the installation and connection process.

Ramirent’s SafePass™ barriers were designed to be strong, durable and easy to install. Instead of using concrete alone, we decided to reduce the weight somewhat by combining steel and concrete. Special rubber feet give the highest possible friction and a unique service channel for cables allows for easy installation of, for instance, fences, sound walls or signs on top of the barrier. To make storage and logistics easier and less space-consuming, we made the barriers stackable.

Collision tests highlight the importance of proper installation

To demonstrate the importance of easy installation, we took the barrier to the Elmia Nordic Road Fair in Sweden. We showed exhibition guests what happens when a vehicle hits an incorrectly installed barrier, and when it hits a correctly installed one. The results were impressive – suffice it to say that you would not have wanted to be in the former vehicle. With our system, in which the barriers automatically connect to each other, the risks of solutions being installed incorrectly are eliminated.

The SafePass™ barrier has been in the market in Sweden and Norway since July 2017, and other Ramirent countries will introduce it in 2018. Customer feedback has been excellent – with some saying they will never use another barrier product again! This is, of course, exactly what we are aiming for: satisfied customers who feel that their needs have been met.

Legislation guides development

Road barriers and their use are naturally tightly regulated. Compliance with the European norms on crash impact are verified by third party testing and finally approved separately in each country. Approvals for limiting or preventing traffic on public roads must always be sought from the proper authorities, and a traffic management plan must be produced and in use.

These are all parts of the great puzzle, and we at Ramirent are always at hand to help our customer put the pieces together.

Director of Operations for Ramirents product development company SSJ AB
Safety Solution Jonsereds AB SE, Sweden