Rental makes sense for summer events

Summer is the time of getting together for events of every possible kind. Rock bands take to the stage at music festivals, thousands of people take part in sports events, and crowds gather for culture, exercise and fun times everywhere. But events don’t just happen by themselves. A successful event takes months of careful planning and coordinating, as well as a great deal of manual work. Ramirent knows this well – we provide equipment and services for around a hundred events every summer.

At big music festivals, it is important to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves – including the performers. Rock and pop stars are used to having all their needs taken care of. They expect to have a comfortable, secluded space in which to prepare for their show and relax afterwards. Ramirent’s site modules are ideal for this – they can be easily moved and adapted. World class performers can have their own kitchens, lounges and even a gym and showers backstage. The modules used at events are separate from those used in construction to ensure that they are always clean and presentable – ready for a superstar.

When it’s time for the show, dazzling lights turn on around the stage. Ramirent provides both the lights and the masts they are mounted on. Electricity gear, scaffolding for, for instance, entrance gates and wheelchair stands, miles and miles of fences… There is a lot of equipment that needs to be in the right place at the right time. Renting is the smartest way to go for summer events, as the equipment is only needed for a few days a year.

Planning the where, when and who

Logistics planning is a very important aspect of the work we do for events. Ensuring that all the right products are reserved for the event is just one step. With several events a week – sometimes several in a single day – the next steps have to be planned as well. Where will the equipment be needed next, and how will it be transported there? Which partners to use for transport and installation at each particular event? Planning for the bigger summer events

begins before Christmas, and during the spring, the Project Manager puts the puzzle together.

Still, there are always last minute surprises, and even the best laid plans may change. Flexibility is a must, and problem solving skills are often put to the test. Additional equipment may be needed at very short notice. But with a little creative thinking, we always manage to find a solution that puts the show back on track. A good plan has room for adjustment without falling apart.

The bigger the better

There is a clear trend in music festivals towards bigger and bigger events, which naturally require more equipment and planning. Sports events are also increasing their share in

Ramirent’s summer schedule. Regardless of event type, safety concerns have become more and more important in event management. News of attacks at events abroad have spurred organizers to pay more attention to the safety of guests, performers and crew.

From major festivals to small town market events, Ramirent provides all its customers with high quality equipment as well as excellent management, logistics and installation services. Our job is to make sure everything runs smoothly so that guests can focus on having a good time.

Project Manager Events
Ramirent Finland, Finland