Spring? Time to fix up the yard and the patio!

The spring sun melts away the snow, revealing paint that is falling off walls and a hedge that has grown out of control. It’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves to renovate the house and garden for the coming summer. The to-do list can be long – especially if both the home and the summer house are in need of a little tender loving care. The sunshine is a great source of energy for DIY projects, but expert advice never goes amiss.

Both indoor and outdoor work can be sped up with various construction machines, personnel hoists and earth compactors or with saws and circular saws. Ramirent’s comprehensive offering has equipment for the needs of big worksites as well as for renovation and construction in consumer households. The largest selection in the market covers highly specific needs, and there are also products for yard work, like hedge cutters and robust earth compactors.

So you really don’t need to buy that expensive drill for one small task, only to have it collect dust on a shelf when the job is done!

Serving customers face-to-face and online

To the joy of enthusiastic home and garden renovators, Ramirent has more than 290 customer centers in Europe. The customer can drop by the nearest customer center, ask for information and rent a product, all in one go. Customers are welcome to get in touch with us even when they aren’t quite sure what product or tool they need. It’s enough for us that the customer explains what they need to get done – we will then find the right tools for the job. And you don’t need to cram that big earth compactor in your car for the journey home: we will take care of transportation for you, if needed.

In Finland, we recently opened a new, user-friendly online rental shop where customers can smoothly rent tools from our ever-expanding offering. Open around the clock, the shop is just one of the ways we are investing in bringing our expertise to consumer customers. We look forward to developing it even further!

Hands-on assistance

We update our rental equipment offering constantly so that customers can always get the newest and best tools. Buying and maintaining your own equipment is expensive, so if there’s no everyday need for the item, it’s wiser not to own it. We firmly believe that by renting out our equipment and sharing our know-how, we help our customers to not only save money but also time and the environment. We won’t leave a beginner alone to figure out how to use a cordless hammer drill for a terrace renovation. Ramirent’s customer service people give instructions and provide hands-on guidance on how to use the tools safely. For instance, customers can get the hang of a floor sander already at the customer center.

All our products meet safety regulations, and safety training is an important part of our work. Our customers can also order the assembly of aluminum scaffolding, ensuring that it’s done safely by a trained professional. This way a home renovator doesn’t have to worry whether the scaffolding will hold and can simply focus on giving the house a perfect coat of new paint.

So when you come to Ramirent, you can easily rent the best equipment without spending extra money to buy them nor will you have to find storage space for it after the job is done. And you will also get skilled service to top it all off.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Ramirent PLC, Finland