Equipment rental went digital

April 3 was a big and busy Monday for us at Ramirent Finland. The day marked another leap forward as a leading rental equipment company with the opening of an online rental shop in Finland. As a result, our customers in Finland can now rent tools and machinery, regardless of time and place, every day of the year.

As a Finn myself, I’m of course happy to say that Finland is among the leading countries in the world when it comes to adopting new, digitalized solutions. Thus, debuting our online store in Finland was the logical choice, as it provides such fertile ground for continued development and new learnings for expanding our online operations. As more and more customers hop online to browse and rent from our web shop’s offering, more and more people get to discover what a smart solution equipment rental is.

Consumer experience at the heart of development

Ramirent’s online rental shop has an intuitive interface, and you don’t need login details to rent tools. The payment transaction is done online right away. All this is done in just a few clicks and you’re set. No passwords, no time wasted – no hassle. The equipment is ready to be picked up at the customer center of choice.

So how did we get there?

With industry and customer service experience accumulating from the 1960s, we can say with confidence that we know our customers. Our insight is also informed by our regular customer satisfaction surveys and our understanding of human-to-human interaction, whether face to face or online.

As we set out to build the backbone of the online shop, we chose two guiding principles: easy-to-use on mobile devices, and made in particular with consumers in mind. Small and mid-sized companies are naturally our bread and butter and a group of customers that we value deeply. However, we also believe that, ultimately, we serve people who simply want to find the product or service they need quickly – be it for a small terrace renovation or fixing the roof of a town hall. This is why we wanted to invest in a new channel – to give our customers a convenient channel for getting in touch with us at a moment’s notice.

Looking beyond the promising start

It’s still early days, but we can already say that our announcement has been received with delighted enthusiasm by our customers. So far, we have received feedback about how our first customers have found the online shop pleasantly clear and easy to navigate.

Olli Lehtonen was our first online shop customer to pick up his chosen rental machine the week following the reveal of the online shop: “It took only two minutes for me to complete the whole transaction. It was very easy, and the pricing was very clear. The service at the customer center worked very well – I was very impressed with the reception and the sales person’s enthusiasm for the online shop!”

Simply put, his experience of the online shop ticked all the boxes we have set for successful customer experience – a good place for us to move forward. One of the best things about announcing something new is how it very quickly inspires even more fresh ideas. Needless to say, we are feeling highly positive about the launch, and our notebooks are quickly filling with suggestions and thoughts that will accelerate us towards the next step in digitalizing rental services.

It is our pleasure to make equipment rental and sharing of our expertise even easier than before with our online shop. By making our offering available online, we also help our customers make sustainable and economical choices.

Check our new Webshop here.

Group Chief Digital Officer
Ramirent PLC, Finland