Weather-protected construction reduces costs

Construction projects in the Nordic countries are exposed to strong winds, rain and snow. Good weather protection can lead to higher quality, increased security and a better working environment for the personnel.

In order to get the most out of weather protection, its planning must be integrated into the construction process. A well planned and carefully implemented weather protection solution is at the core of the construction project’s moisture control, which naturally yields benefits during the entire lifecycle of the building.

In the planning of weather protection, we go through the requirements of the construction process together with the customer and adapt our solutions to meet them. We use both 2D plans of the site and 3D modelling. By including our designers in the project at an early stage, the customer gets the support of up-to-date knowhow and expertise, which reduces moisture-related risks and keeps the cost of the protection solution at a reasonable level.

Efficiency and safety in the same package

High quality weather protection facilitates the construction process itself, as a dry, snow-free, windproof and, for instance in roof projects, well lit working environment increases productivity. With weather protection in place, the personnel can focus on carrying out the planned tasks instead of, for example, shovelling snow from the site.

It can certainly be said that weather protection promotes the health of the employees at the site. It is clear that by observing the aforementioned factors, the work environment is also made safer. An essential part of weather protection solutions and the scaffolding that supports them is the possibility to include professionally considered fall protection and walkways (both horizontal and vertical). Forget shoddy set-ups or compromises.

Weather protection 2.0

When weather protection is considered, functionality plays an increasingly important role. The solution must adapt to the changing needs and situations of the construction site, so that the project can proceed as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Sites in which many material lifts need to be made inside the outer shell protection require a solution that can be opened or moved out of the way and closed again quickly. Rails, combined with an engine or winch, are a solution that enables even large-scale openings or transfers quickly, which is a major benefit in Finnish weather conditions.

At the forefront of our offering development is The RamiTower protection solution, which also includes a bridge crane for material lifting. Installation work can be carried out entirely protected from the weather, under a shelter that rises along with the building, without having to open the top of the outer shell. This solution has been found to be excellent in, for instance, the construction of wooden blocks of flats, in which uninterrupted moisture control is essential.

Well implemented, fit-for-purpose weather protection safeguards the worker and the passer-by as well as the construction quality. And the constructors can have peace of mind. Everybody wins.

Business Line Director, Projects at Ramirent Finland Oy