Yearly Archives: 2017

Rental makes sense for summer events

Summer is the time of getting together for events of every possible kind. Rock bands take to the stage at music festivals, thousands of...

Project Manager Events
Ramirent Finland, Finland

Spring? Time to fix up the yard and the patio!

The spring sun melts away the snow, revealing paint that is falling off walls and a hedge that has grown out of control. It’s...

Digital Marketing Specialist
Ramirent PLC, Finland

A concrete solution to a concrete challenge

What do you get when you combine nifty hardware, clever software and Ramirent’s experience? The answer is an innovative way to monitor the drying...

Development Manager
Ramirent Finland, Finland

Equipment rental went digital

April 3 was a big and busy Monday for us at Ramirent Finland. The day marked another leap forward as a leading rental equipment...

Group Chief Digital Officer
Ramirent PLC, Finland

Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement

A site where several different companies work at the same time and share a limited space is complex and accident-prone. When you add busy...

Sales and Marketing Director
Ramirent Finland, Finland
Gender neutral modules - Ramirent

Gender neutral worksite modules advance equality at worksites

Let’s imagine a construction worksite where employees can comfortably take their breaks in the same space and strengthen their team spirit – regardless of...

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland