Digitalization, like Ramirent, is more than machines

Digitalization, Internet of Things, data analysis. These buzzwords are on practically every company’s agenda, regardless of industry. Some have already adopted new processes and even completely new business models while others trudge behind, not quite sure how to seize the opportunities offered by all things digital.

We say that Ramirent is More than Machines – and so is digitalization. It doesn’t mean replacing people with machinery, and it doesn’t mean that software will do all the thinking. Digitalization has a lot to offer for the equipment rental industry, and the best way to apply it is to combine digital advances with human experience. While useful data can be collected from many different machines and devices, its application often still requires expert analysis – i.e. the human element.

Sharing information benefits all

Safety is a key issue in the machine rental business, and it is also an area in which digitalization can provide major value. Ramirent’s digital service platform RamiSmart can be customized to include the services needed at the work site or in a particular work stage. One possibility is a combination of access control systems and information on employees’ competence and authorizations. By combining these elements, RamiSmart can be used to control who can use a particular piece of machinery. Unqualified employees can’t even start the machine, which digitalizationblog_imagereduces accidents.

One of the greatest impacts of digitalization is on information flow. As information is digitalized, it becomes easier to share with customers and partners. Systems are integrated to combine data from different sources into a comprehensive view that benefits all parties. Sharing information helps all parties perform better, which creates more value for the customer.

Let’s take an example. You’re building a house and have just finished setting the floor. Thanks to advances in digitalization, it is no longer necessary to drop by the site every other week to check whether the concrete is dry. A sensor continuously measures the conditions and humidity of the concrete. The information can be monitored remotely with the RamiSmart solution, which also shows the trend in the drying process and allows optimization of the circumstances at the site. This information can then be shared with the company responsible for carpeting so that they can adjust their schedules if necessary. Everyone saves time and money.

Development takes courage

Every company wants to carry out its business efficiently and avoid errors. Here, digital solutions can yet again make a major difference. They can facilitate productivity management, project planning and process optimization – for instance, 3D mapping allows for detailed work site planning that takes into account safety as well as logistics. The key here is having the courage to abandon the old ways of working and start fresh, with a clean slate. Development requires an open mind and willingness to learn.

In the end, for Ramirent digitalization is about discovering new tools and processes that help us serve our customers better and smarter. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

Group Chief Digital Officer
Ramirent PLC, Finland