Where construction and sharing economy meet

Many industrial companies often face the same problem: most of the tools and other equipment that the company owns are left to gather dust in storage halls while only a fraction is out on the field being put to productive use. At the same time, procuring, storing and maintaining items from hammers to excavators eats up the money you would prefer to use for new investments.

Luckily, this all too common problem has a simple remedy: if you don’t need it all the time, don’t buy it. In addition to more efficient solutions and clear cost savings, renting offers a sustainable way to do business.

Renting is all about sharing skills and resources

During the past ten years or so, sharing economy has become particularly relevant for everyday consumers as it has emerged from a need and wish to save money, time, the environment and other resources through sharing things. If you have heard of Uber or Airbnb, you already have a pretty good idea of what sharing economy is. Why buy your own car if you can just borrow someone else’s – and get a ride at the same time?

It’s easy to see how the same logic applies to construction and other manufacturing industries. The core purpose of equipment rental is to avoid wasting money and time. Say your company is getting ready to expand an existing building with a new wing. While it may seem like a straightforward project, there are several things to take into consideration from scaffolding, lifting devices, safety harnesses to weather protection – and more.

Of course, it’s possible to do all of this independently and finish off the project successfully. But what then? You have gone through a lot of trouble to procure everything you need and when it’s all done, the equipment goes back to gather dust in a costly storage space.

But there’s more. Not only does renting cover physical objects, it applies to skills as well. When you rent equipment from Ramirent, we also provide you with our know-how to create a safe and efficient work site. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can help plan logistics so that every aspect of the project moves forward smoothly.

Towards a more sustainable, more collaborative society

Renting is fundamentally sustainable. Not only does it release enterprise resources but having multiple users share the same equipment helps reduce the environmental load. When we train our customers how to use equipment as efficiently as possible and how to correctly manage chemicals, fewer emissions are produced. It is also safer for the personnel at the site.

Some may consider sharing economy a challenge, even a threat, to large established companies. We at Ramirent believe that it is actually a great opportunity to learn from each other and do better.

Ramirent has an extensive portfolio of equipment, solutions and valuable skills to meet the needs of construction in both large and small scale projects and, of course, everything in between. These resources have been gathered over many years of active, forward-looking development – and we are more than happy to share them with you. By renting, you can always get your hands on the latest technology without having to update your own equipment every few years.

So focus on your core business and let us worry about the equipment.

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Ramirent PLC, Finland