Home builders can reduce risks by renting their construction equipment

As we begin the fall season, home builders move indoors and focus on plumbing, heating and air. At the same time, the façade of the new house gets a finishing touch.

If you are building your own house, chances are that you are only going to do it once and you want everything to go according to plan. Knowing that you can hand over some of the responsibility to an experienced equipment rental company can significantly reduce your stress level and allow you to focus on what is most important – building your dream house.

The majority of homebuilders’ construction work occurs during the summer, which means that the outdoor equipment is always in heavy use during this period. In the fall, the demand shifts to indoor equipment such as movable scaffolding and compact lifting devices, which are needed for reaching the ceiling and painting the outer walls, for example. Typically, the home builder wants to move to his or her new home by Christmas, so the fall is by no means a quiet time in small-scale building.

Renting construction equipment is easy and has significant benefits
It has never been as easy to rent heavy construction equipment as it is today. With the advent of internet, there is no longer any need to skim through newspaper advertisements to find equipment rental companies.

Renting instead of buying construction equipment for building your house has a number of important benefits. One of these is the financial benefit. Renting heavy construction equipment such as excavators is much more manageable as it doesn’t require any major investments. Smaller equipment such as scaffolding is just as easy and cost-efficient to rent when that dream home is already standing and needs a coat of paint or electricity wiring.

Regular maintenance increases safety and performance
Most home builders who rent construction equipment are using heavy equipment for the first time in their life. This puts even more emphasis on the importance of safety guidance. Regular maintenance of the construction equipment secures that the equipment is always safe to use and it ensures that you have the most upgraded equipment available. This can increase performance and lead to huge savings by allowing you to get around the maintenance and storage costs.

Good equipment also increases safety. Home builders tend to be very careful when handling the construction equipment and they want to learn everything about them during the safety guidance. Ramirent provides detailed instructions which ensure that home builders are fully prepared to use the construction equipment, minimising all potential risks. For example, if you are looking for scaffolding, you will also receive safety equipment such as safety belts and the necessary instructions from Ramirent.

So why buy when you can rent?

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