EcoOnline Award 2016

Ramirent wins EcoOnline Award for safe handling of chemicals

Ramirent’s chemical management system saves time and protects employees.
In 2015, Ramirent reduced the number of chemicals used in its operations by up to 46 percent. This was a result of the implementation of EcoOnline in all the countries where Ramirent has operations. Now Ramirent Sweden has won the EcoOnline Award which is given to companies working proactively with safe handling of chemicals. Ramirent Sweden has worked with EcoOnline since 2012 and has supported the implementation of EcoOnline in the rest of Ramirent countries during 2015.

A great number of chemicals are used every day at construction sites from strong detergents and fuels to industrial oils. Many of them can be harmful to people and the environment if not used correctly. EcoOnline provides specialised information about chemicals in an easily accessible format, helping employees and customers handle chemicals safely. In 2015, EcoOnline was introduced in all Ramirent countries. By making EcoOnline widely available, Ramirent has also reduced the number of chemicals used by up to 46 percent.

The EU legislation is complex and includes over 800 laws that regulate the use of chemicals. EcoOnline helps navigate through the complicated legislation and helps both employees and customers handle chemicals safely. The EcoOnline award promotes companies that make risk assessments, work proactively and have a strategy on how to exchange harmful chemicals in the web-based chemicals register called EcoArchive.

Chemicals used in machines and at construction sites have safety data sheets, detailing what the chemical contains and which risks should be avoided. However, they also present a lot of complex information. With EcoOnline, it’s possible to see the same information in a nutshell. Instead of going through a long list of information, employees can look for the most important safety instructions on their mobile phones and computer, allowing them to print it out as needed.

EcoOnline is now available in local languages in all Ramirent countries. In Sweden, EcoOnline has also been introduced to customers in connection with big projects. In 2016, the goal is to make it available for customers in other Ramirent countries.

Not only is risk assessment of chemicals a legal requirement, it is crucial from the point of view of Ramirent’s employees and customers. Ramirent wants everyone to feel safe at work. All Ramirent countries have done a fantastic job implementing EcoOnline which further helps position Ramirent as a leading and sustainable equipment rental company.

The prize was received by Ramrent Sweden’s HSEQ coordinators Pia Ek and Katarina Lekmo at EcoOnline’s conference Miljö- och kemidagarna on 21 April 2016 in Göteborg, Sweden. Previous winners of the EcoOnline Award include Borås Djurpark (2015), Mekonomen (2014), Unilabs (2013) och Roxtec (2011).

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland