Plan early for safety

Despite large amounts of safety equipment and safety regulations, the construction industry remains one of the most accident-prone. We see the consequences in human suffering and great costs. Ramirent introduces therefore an approach for reducing the risk of injuries and accidents at construction sites – from project management to completed production. Focus is on safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency.

“By planning at an early stage, many accidents can be avoided. Our vision at Ramirent is that “Everyone will come home”. And just as it sounds, we want everyone who works on a construction site to come home unharmed after a day at work. Historically, safety comes late in construction planning. We want to change that through a proactive approach where safety is implemented throughout the construction process,” says Ramirent’s CEO Magnus Rosén.

Throughout the construction process
Ramirent is above all known for the rental of machinery and other equipment necessary for construction, but we also have specialist knowledge geared towards sustainability, safety and cost efficiency in the construction process. The company has long been a subcontractor and also a partner to several actors in the construction industry and thus has an important role in the development of a safer construction site.

“If we are to achieve a more sustainable industry, it will require more from everyone involved. Safety blog iso kuvaFor us at Ramirent this means more than just the delivery of machines. We support our customers throughout the entire chain, from safe products and optimized logistics to a good work environment and the right training. It is no longer enough to just send out poles and fences to a workplace,” says Magnus Rosén.

Virtual safety inspection before the start of construction
Through the acquisition of Safety Solution Jonsereds, SSJ, in 2014, Ramirent has established an approach that follows the entire construction process and it is in the planning stage, through proactive work, that risks that may occur during the project can be minimized.

“We are already currently in the so-called VDC-process (Virtual Design and Construction). Our specialists produce a virtual model where a safety inspection can be carried out on the computer. Specifically, this means that we, together with the customer, can walk around the construction in a 3D-model and identify safety risks even before construction has started in order to prevent accidents at the construction site,” says Magnus Rosén.

Prioritet Serneke Arena- proactivity minimized the risks
The multisport arena Prioritet Serneke Arena in Gothenburg, Sweden was completed this year and was one of the first projects where SSJ, today part of Ramirent, was assigned, with 3D-visualization, to explain the risks in the work environment and the solutions that were best suited to minimize them.

“As we were involved already in the planning phase, we could contribute through a proactive approach to safety and could thus minimize the risks in the construction. Even in the first phase of development of the model, safety flaws in the work environment of the roofers were discovered. We then got the assignment to develop the existing 3D-model, both in terms of the safety for roofers, but also for a safer working environment throughout the construction process,” explains Anders Vikmyr, Ramirent’s project manager for Prioritet Serneke Arena.

A part of the construction project
The model was presented continuously for those involved in the project and the roofers that would be carrying out the work were able to give their input. By working in this manner safety was increased right from the start and ensured that the persons carrying out the work could do their jobs without worrying about safety.

“We became a natural part of the construction project and the 3D-model became the carrier of information where we had discussions and that enabled the proactive safety work,” says Anders Vikmyr.

Keep your staff safe at work
Ramirent offers custom-made solutions to optimize safety conditions. Creating safety is about designing your site correctly. Building a smooth workflow where everyone knows where, when and what to do at all times. At Ramirent we are committed to support you in achieving a happier workforce, real savings and efficiency gains through improved safety.

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland