My day as a CEO

Ramirent Finland participated in an international CEOx1day- program, which gives selected top university students an opportunity to spend a day in the shoes of a local leading CEO. Ramirent Finland provided this opportunity for Vili Koistinen, a Master of Science in Economics student from Oulu Business School. Vili is majoring in marketing and he expected the program to deepen his understanding of what he has studied. He spent one day in May with Ramirent Finland’s Managing Director Anna Hyvönen.

 “The day was extremely exciting and beneficial in many ways”, says Vili. “I got a chance to meet several interesting people from different departments of Ramirent Finland and most importantly of all, see it all through the eyes of their Managing Director. Anna hosted the day and took me in Ramirent Finland’s sales and marketing meetings. I also had a chance to discuss one-to-one with Anna and receive advice and leadership coaching directly from her”, Vili continues.


Vili Koistinen

“I had met a few Managing Director’s before, so I knew something about their daily work. What I learned during this day was that even if daily agendas and the deadlines might change, as a Managing Director, you have to adapt to these changing circumstances”, Vili explains. “In my opinion, Anna managed all the meetings very well and she was able to keep everybody highly motivated all the time”, Vili sums up the learnings of the day.

Ramirent wants to attract the future talent

CEOx1day program is mutually beneficial for both the students and the participating companies. “For me this was a valuable opportunity to learn what the younger generation is looking for in a job and career, especially as we race to attract and retain the best future talent”, says Ramirent Finland’s Managing Director Anna Hyvönen.

As the employers’ competition for skilled future leaders grows, Ramirent also wants to attract new talents through launching its own Management Trainee program. It is targeted to develop a pipeline of managers capable of leading Ramirent ‘s transformation to become “More than Machines” and keep its industry leading position also in the future. The first pilot group will start in September. For students like Vili Koistinen, this kind of arrangement serves the purpose of presenting Ramirent as a potential interesting place to work and is a great way to kick start to the trainee’s career.


Ramirent_CEO x 1 Day

From the left Anna Hyvönen, Vili Koistinen and Ulla Partanen

CEOx1day was organized first time in Finland by Odgers Berndtson, one of the largest executive search firms in the world. Along with Ramirent, several other notable companies and their CEOs in Finland participated the program. As the experiences from both the companies and students were very positive, the program is likely to continue in the future.

“My day as a CEO taught me a lot about Ramirent, its organisation, business, sales and marketing. Most important learning for me was to see their top executive in action, motivating and leading people”, Vili Koistinen sums up.

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