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Sustainability was the theme of the 10th ERA Convention where some 300 participants gathered to meet colleagues and discuss latest trends of the equipment rental industry. I was thrilled to be among one of the first speakers at the convention as Chairman of the ERA Sustainability Committee.

In order to deal with scarcity of raw materials and other resources, we need to look for ways to “close the cycle” in our economy: prevent valuable raw materials to go to waste. Here rental already in its essence provides a system for sharing resources. Renting a machine is fundamentally sustainable compared to owning one. Renting releases enterprise resources, and sharing of equipment among several users helps to reduce environmental load.

Rental industry acknowledges its sustainable profile
The rental industry already has clear ways how to promote sustainability and within ERA we are working to strengthen the communication across member companies. Also, political decision makers will be more interested to speak with us, giving opportunities to influence legislation and policies. And we can play a role in making the supply chain more sustainable.

  • Machines are used more frequently, therefore efficiently.
  • Specialized companies are better equipped to maintain high quality, maintenance and operating standards.
  • Leading to better performance in energy efficiency, health & safety, noise reduction, etc.
  • Rental companies are better positioned to discuss sustainable design with manufacturers.

Safety and environment are the spearhead focus of ERA’s sustainability agenda where rental companies can offer customer benefits and ultimately also cost savings by being better at safety planning and energy efficiency. Both aspects constitute a significant commercial benefit for the customer at the end.

Ramirent leads the way
At Ramirent we want to be role models in sustainability for the entire equipment rental industry and to support our customers to be more sustainable in their operations. By early planning with the customer we create solutions that offer improved safety, efficiency and help lower energy consumption. At the end money can be saved. Examples of Ramirent solutions:

Ramirent SafeSolveTM helps provide a safe working environment on job sites including planning through virtual safety rounds addressing fall prevention, designing the safe workflows and logistics and reducing risks associated with working at heights, dust, noise, lifting, vibration and more.

Ramirent EcoSolveTM, helps to improve energy efficiency through the use of eco-efficient equipment and optimisation of energy consumption at the project site.

Ramirent ClimateSolveTM provides efficient temperature and moisture control, which reduces risk of damage to the construction process and can result in longer life for operating equipment, higher productivity and less downtime.

We believe that our customers’ focus on safety and environmental issues continues to increase demand for Ramirent’s sustainable rental solutions. Tightening environmental and safety regulations support this trend.

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