Celebrating history and sustainability

Today, we are celebrating our 60th anniversary. In sixty years, a lot has changed. We have grown from a small steel nail shop into an international machine rental company. We have expanded, and we have developed. We have added numerous products to our catalogue along the years, and in the last 5 years we have focused increasingly on developing value-added services to complement our offering. We have become More Than Machines. By sharing our knowledge, we can support our customers’ success, as they support ours.

Every time that Ramirent has expanded into new products or services, it has done so to answer a need arising from the industries we serve. We have strived – and are still striving – to support our customers’ everyday work and help them do it safely, cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. 20150325_Ramirent_Magnus_Rosen

With sixty years in the business, we have knowledge few can match. Our experience from different industries, combined with deep understanding of rental machinery usage and service, helps us to proactively solve problems and create sustainable customer value. We believe that our customers’ focus on safety and environmental issues continues to increase demand for Ramirent’s sustainable products and solutions. If you are managing a construction site, we can offer you a digitalised visualisation and risk analysis of the site. We can help you optimise energy consumption and optimise logistics to reduce passive waiting and minimise risks, thereby improving the overall sustainability of the project. We also provide eco-efficient temporary spaces and machines that apply the latest energy-saving technology. We offer user guidance as well as safety training at our customer centres or at the customer’s site. I tend to say that sustainability is like digitalisation – if you don’t do it, you are left behind.

I would like to thank our customers for sharing this journey with us, and our employees for making it possible. Let’s make the next sixty years even better!