Smart access control to construction sites

Customer Case Facts

In November 2013 leading Nordic construction firm NCC challenged Ramirent to develop a completely new systen to control and monitor the access of workers at their construction sites. Just nine months later the new system was in use on NCC construction sites.

NCC’s need for a comprehensive access control system arose from new legislation designed to prevent unregistered workers being employed on Finnish construction projects. Beginning July 1st, 2014 all construction companies were obliged to identify and report to the tax and regional authorities all construction workers on each site.

NCC put out a tender in late 2013. The participating firms included leading construction companies and professional IT software houses.

NCC contracted Ramirent to plan and execute an automatic system that does what the new legislation mandates. The project was realised nationwide on a very tight schedule. An additional challenge was that Ramirent had to commit to fast service response times. Beyond the requirements driven by legislation, the new system provided other business-supporting benefits, including:

– Working time tracking
– Occupational safety improvement
– Partially automated site introduction process
– Automated site log and reporting
– Standardized site entrance process

Despite the fact that such a comprehensive and large scale IT project was a totally new operating area for Ramirent, it was fully in line with our strategic goal of simplifying customers’ businesses with world class services and solutions.

NCC needed to swiftly implement a software project driven by employment legislation. A completely new system had to be built, piloted and taken into use on construction sites throughout Finland. Requirements also included training, reporting and system support measures.

Ramirent delivered the RamiSmart total service solution that in addition to software installation and interface design included training, reporting and system support. The project’s success relied on seamlessly combining an in-depth knowledge of construction industry practices with IT sector know-how and professional project management.

Ramirent professionals joined with other project partners to combine a range of key disciplines within clear divisions of responsibilities. Above all, the foundation for implementation success was a result of a through knowledge of the customer’s business environment.

“We carefully considered the choice of suppliers and solutions – and the benefits of each. To us, the choice of RamiSmart was in the end quite easy. Its user interface is a lot simpler than those of competing systems. Additionally, RamiSmart enables us to develop our own systems in ways we’ve been planning to. A crucial role was played by Ramirent’s project manager.” -Pasi Porento, Project Manager for NCC Site Access Control.

Both the RamiSmart pilot phase and its full implementation were successfully conducted inside the given time frame. The benefits of RamiSmart include:

1. Legislative reporting requirements are met automatically.
2. The RamiSmart software creates a solid foundation for future NCC development projects.
3. The site introduction data of construction workers can be linked automatically with the personnel data. The system improves site occupational safety and reduces risk.
4. The cumulative working time data can be used in controlling and payroll computation.
5. NCC process development is possible in a flexible way without major investments.

”Besides the mentioned benefits of the system itself, we insisted the supplier be able to implement the project on a nationwide basis and to provide short response times for any service needs. We also stressed the necessity of the provider being a frontrunner in their own field. Ramirent filled those requirements perfectly.” – Pasi Porento

Success factors 
Ramirent is known for its high quality equipment rental and related value-adding services. Supplementing these with IT solutions and services for the construction industry is an excellent addition to our offering. It supports the goal of committing to supporting and simplifying our customers’ businesses.

“The prerequisites for success when introducing a totally new service concept to the construction industry are: openness, commitment and striving for innovative solutions. Everything starts with knowing a customer’s business and identifying their needs.” – Tomi Anttila, Product Manager, RamiSmart business at Ramirent.

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland