Summer Ramis

Ramirent has participated actively in providing employment opportunities for young people, despite the challenging economic climate. Also this year, Ramirent offered diverse summer job opportunities across Finland.  As in every industry, we also need all kinds of doers. We have interviewed some of the summer workers about their experience of working at Ramirent.

Ida Rosenblad, a 20 year old high school graduate, is working at the Tyl Freeway outlet. Ida lives in Kerava, but is originally coming from Kotka. She is working at Ramirent for the first summer and is enjoying it very much. “I have learned fast new skills like driving a mini loader and searching information from the cash register system”, Rosenblad tells. Her other duties include customer service and taking care of the cleanliness of the site yard.


Susanna Norvio, 23, is working at Ramirent’s Herttoniemi outlet this summer. Previously she has been working at Ramirent Suutarila head office helping with catering for meetings, updating customer information database and scanning customer’s account applications. This summer Norvio is working at the rental outlet and her duties include checking returned machines, helping customers and sometimes even fetching machines. She has studied at Aalto-university in material chemistry technology line for two years now, which has been useful in her work as it is also about machines and metals. Norvio tells that she is enjoying her work although at first the tasks were a bit unfamiliar. “There is a nice bunch of people here at work and customers have “been patient” with me although I don’t know everything about everything yet”, Norvio adds with a laugh. “But this is totally different than at the office but I don’t mind if I get my hands dirty.”


Rami Olas, 24, is working at Hämeenlinna outlet. Last summer Olas saw a job advertisement in the internet about available summer jobs at Ramirent and decided to apply. This summer is his second summer at Ramirent. He is working in customer service and delivering machines to customers and outlets. He is studying at Tampere University, School of Management in administration management field. Olas lives in Pälkäne and commutes from there to work to Hämeenlinna. Olas enjoys especially the fun working environment and the easiness of the atmosphere in his work. “All working experience is useful despite that is not all the time from the same field you are studying”, he adds.


Arttu Walden, 18, is working at Lahti outlet and Ramirent is his first summer job ever. He will start his last year in high school in the Autumn and he applied to Ramirent for a summer job already in the beginning of the year. His duties include for example taking care of returning machines, cleaning and checking them. He would love to come again for a summer job to Ramirent.


Saida Hyötylä, 24, works at Ramirent for first summer, at Tampere Lamminpää outlet. Last summer she worked at Cramo so she is familiar with machine rental business. Now she has been working at the counter substituting those ones who are having vacations. In addition to working at the counter she has also been taking care of telehandler invoicing at Pirkkala outlet. It requires knowledge of inverted value added tax which she knows from her studies. She also got additional skills after participating in Ramirent’s invoicing training. She is originating from Tampere and studies now economics at Turku University for the last year. Hyötylä tells that she has liked working at Ramirent “very much indeed”. She also comments that the outlet in question is very small, only three people working there, but there is much action and it’s easy to get to know co-workers. “We got along right away with the whole staff”, she adds.

Reijo Kariniemi, 23, is working at Ramirent for the second summer now. He worked at Suutarila outlet last time. Now he is working with the common platform-project in fleet which is very different from the tasks he had last summer. Ramirent is implementing a new rental system and all information from the old system needs to be transferred to the new one, so there is a lot to do. His tasks include for example taking care of scrapping of the old machines. Kariniemi studies product development and production economies at Aalto-University in Otaniemi. He likes his co-workers and the working environment; where all problem situations can be solved easily.


Riitta Komulainen, 22, is working for her first summer at Suutarila head office. Her official job description is “summer journalist” but in practice her tasks include writing different kind of stories, taking photos and taking care of other marketing related tasks as well. Riitta studies history at Helsinki University and has just returned from student exchange from France.  “I like to write and take photos and it has been really cool to meet all these new people, to see new places and visit different locations”, comments Komulainen. At Ramirent Riitta works in the marketing department but in practice the work is carried out on the field visiting outlets for example, sites and other work related places as well. We visited Ramirent’s fair stand and Äijä-Park at the housing fair in Jyväskylä before the fair opened for visitors. It was interesting to see behind the scene. At the same time, I also got a chance to interview our NoppaKoti partner Ari”, Riitta tells. “I have been enjoying my time at Ramirent and the work has been very diverse. I have been welcomed everywhere warmly”, Riitta summarises.


Communication Coordinator
Ramirent Plc, Finland