A New Online Service Will Minimise Chemical Hazards in Sweden

Companies have full responsibility for how the chemicals they use affect people and the environment. When EcoOnline asked Ramirent Sweden to try out a new service for chemical management, they did not hesitate!

 Safety data sheets for chemicals available directly on your mobile via a QR code
EcoOnline is launching a new solution called Eco Archive. The system helps you manage and implement safety data sheets (SDS) effectively. With the risk assessment tool it is possible to map, prioritise and minimise chemical hazards in the workplace. It is also easy to search for chemicals searching, generate reports and document chemical work environment issues.

The service consists of a QR code and a smartphone is used as a scanner displaying the code and converting it to a website with information. The idea is that you will be able to use the QR codes as adhesive labels that can be placed anywhere. If an accident occurs you can scan the code and see what safety measures that must be taken.

Ramirent is keeping track of chemical hazards and regulations
Ramirent Sweden is currently conducting an inventory of their service vehicles creating a list of chemicals with safety data sheets for each vehicle. The vehicles are used for establishment of modules, tower cranes, hoists and on-site service. When the equipment is going to service it is important to keep information on, for example spray cans and oils readily accessible. “Until now we have had folders with written information that have been updated regularly. Now, the staff has access to all the necessary information on-site, directly in their smartphone. They avoid time consuming paperwork and best of all, have the safety information easy at hand. Part of our strategy is to make the mobile phones a more widely used tool”, says Kurt Andersson, Safety and Health Coordinator at Ramirent Sweden.”

Simplifying the work process for customers and protecting people and the environment
The Ramirent staff is trained to keep track of chemical regulations and manage information. By using the service they can work proactively and simplify the work process for customers. “Before the customer project starts up we can send information to the customer about the chemicals that we will use and assure that relevant chemical regulations are being followed. This in turn protects the health of our customers, staff and the environment. The most important thing for us is to take full responsibility for the chemicals we use and follow the regulations in order to protect and prevent the chemicals from impacting human health and the environment”, says Kurt.

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More information about product safety at Ramirent.

Photo: Niklas Maupoix

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland
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