Are You Green Enough on the Job?

At Ramirent we are committed to supporting a sustainable development. Naturally we encourage our customers to do the same. So, how does one become part of a greener future? Well, Ramirent EcoSolve™ is a good way to start.

Already by renting your equipment, you have made an ecological choice
Ramirent EcoSolve™ provides solutions to preserve the environment. We improve energy efficiency through the use of eco-efficient equipment and solutions for reducing waste of energy and unnecessary exhaust. How the machinery is used makes a big difference for its energy efficiency.

A good start is to plan your green actions at an early stage of your project
Ramirent helps you reduce transports, improve logistics and work more energy-efficiently. We provide you with the knowledge, training and equipment that will help to improve your ecological footprint. We also help you create a bid that satisfies your customers tough demands for eco-efficiency. It’s a win-win-situation for you, your customers and the environment.

All Ramirent EcoSolve™ solutions are unique and customized for your project
Depending on your needs, Ramirent EcoSolve™ solutions include everything from on-time deliveries, installation, operation and maintenance to disassembly of the equipment. Along the way we will safely guide you from start to finish through a reliable working process where every step is optimized for eco-friendliness.

Become part of a greener future!
Ramirent EcoSolve™ enhances its solutions with selected features of eco-efficiency. It saves not only the environment, but also money in your pocket.

If you would like to support a sustainable development and become part of a greener future, please let us know! We are happy to find the right solution for you that simplifies your work.

Until then, keep an eye out on our blog for more updates!

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland
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