Ramirent helps to raise the tallest hotel in Finland

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Ramirent helps to raise the tallest hotel in Finland

The Tower Hotel in Tampere will be Finland’s tallest hotel and residential building when it’s finished. The massive construction project is being completed with an ambitious schedule, as the 27 storey building, founded in November 2012, should be ready by November 2014. Ramirent plays a vital part in realizing the two-year plan in time and thus ensuring the success of the 55 million euro project.

Mutual insurance company Eläke-Fennia and its subsidiary Sokotel Oy are constructing a new hotel in downtown Tampere, right next to the railway station. The aspiring plan is nothing less than to erect a residential building higher than any other in Finland today. This is accomplished with 27 floors that include more than 300 rooms as well as restaurants and conference rooms that add up to 88 meters of construction feat.


Photo: Petra Vii

The building pace is breath-taking. Not only is the project to be completed in only two years, but the building grows by one storey every week! Keeping up with these kinds of demands is no easy task and requires a seamlessly functioning system of equipment, working methods and professional workers. This, of course, is where Ramirent excels.

The construction is being handled by SRV Rakennus Oy, but Ramirent is providing the site with a staggering amount of equipment. At the moment the site uses a tower crane, passenger hoists, construction site facilities, a central vacuum, dehumidifiers, safety nets, fall protection, scaffolding, weather covers and all sorts of small equipment rented from Ramirent.

– The site-term electricity is something we provide for the site as well. All site boards, cables and LED lights come from us. Many of our skilled mechanics are also on site to build the needed scaffolding and we also have two electricians working full-time on the site, says project responsible Account Manager Petri Kankkonen from Ramirent.

Tight schedules require a solid commitment
Constructing a building the size of the Tower Hotel is no walk in the park. Problems are bound to occur but the important thing is how you handle them. As a responsible partner Ramirent is always one step ahead, anticipating and solving any possible dilemmas.

– It is absolutely vital that all the equipment works flawlessly at all times. Even small delays can sink the entire schedule of the project, says Kankkonen.

This is why Ramirent guarantees an immediate replacement to any malfunctioning pieces of equipment. Functioning equipment is only half of what is needed, though. A right kind of service attitude is what really seals the deal.

– The answer to every request is yes. If they need a snow man on site in June, we will make it happen, Kankkonen says and laughs.

Special projects set special challenges – but Ramirent solves them
As the Tower Hotel is a tall but narrow building setting up safety nets is a tricky business. Not everyone can handle the windy hights, but mountain climbers can! A company of men who specialize in working in high and dangerous places was hired to take care of the vertiginous task.

– We hired professionals to offset up the safety nets, in case of falling accidents. Those men really are fearless, they we’re climbing up the walls like monkeys, Kankkonen narrates.

Another challenge is the vast amount of equipment needed. Every floor needs its own set of identical machinery.

– One of the reasons why we chose Ramirent was the premium quality of equipment they could offer.

Working machinery is key in keeping up with the set schedule and we have been very pleased with the level of service Ramirent has provided us, says Site Manager Matti Julin from SRV Rakennus Oy.

Another reason was the ecological and energy efficient lighting system Ramirent was able to provide, unlike the competition.

– The overall standards of for example quality, safety and ecology were higher in this project than usual and Ramirent has been able to meet all of them, Julin commends.



Photo: Petra Vii

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