Ramirent Goes Greener

Ramirent is making efforts to save the environment. This time concrete action is set through a climate commitment that Ramirent entered into with the city of Helsinki and the business cooperation network. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by 20% by the year 2020.

For Ramirent a sustainable and ecological business culture is a point of honor. The importance of green choices and Ramirent’s investment to environmental responsibility is being strengthened by a climate commitment made with the City of Helsinki and the business cooperation network with over 30 other Finnish companies.

Ramirent commits to launching new temporary space solutions that consume 20% less energy compared to 2012 year’s levels. The 20% decrease will be realized by the year 2020.

– We at Ramirent are committed to developing and launching new environmentally friendly solutions.

Participating in the climate commitment was a very natural choice for us. At the same time we are committing ourselves to finding even better policies for internal practices, says Anna Hyvönen, CEO of Ramirent Finland Oy.

Meetings without fuel consumption
In addition to energy consumption Ramirent will also reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. First the emission level limits of all Ramirent company cars will be reduced from 170g/km to 150g/km and no travelling to internal meetings for two periods of one week, thus cutting down on emissions. All internal meetings will be held as teleconferences. With these measures we aim to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions by 10% by the year 2020.

– The most important thing is to learn the possibilities and new methods of teleconferencing together with the whole organization. It’s a valuable resource in optimizing the use of time so that it is reserved for what’s really important, which is of course serving the customer, while saving the environment. This is a winning situation for everyone: the customer, Ramirent and nature, says director Veikko Lehtola from Ramirent Sales and Marketing.

– When put to numbers, we will roughly save about 5000 driven kilometers, which equals 850 kilograms of carbon dioxide, when correlated with the emission of 170g/km.

Teleconferencing equipment has already been acquired for most of Ramirent’s staff and the greener and more efficient meeting culture will be reinforced in the future as well.

Other examples of Ramirent’s green commitments can be seen through our EcoSolve solution, please view this excellent film on EcoSolve benefits that has been prepared by Ramirent Sweden.

Ramirent Goes Green

Communication Coordinator
Ramirent Plc, Finland