The Z-Towers in Riga are Standing Tall with Ramirent

Customer Case Facts

In order to get the right things in the right place, the futuristic skyscrapers exceeding 120 metres in height, needed creative logistics and on-site solutions.

Towers Construction Management AS
The Z-Towers project is developed by Towers Construction Management AS, a company representing the Luxemburg-based real estate developer SPI Real Estate Holdings. The building will consist of two circular high-rise towers of 31 and 29 floors. The tallest tower will reach 120 metres and the total area of the premises will be approximately 100 000 square meters.

When complete in late 2014, the building will comprise a number of exclusive residential apartments. Towers Construction Management AS has contracted Ramirent to solve the on-site logistics.

Ramirent listened carefully to our needs and included all necessary details in their proposal


Hoist Equipment for Limited Space Area
The implementation of the project first started in 2007 when Ramirent established modular buildings and local offices on behalf of the previous main contractor. When the main contractor was replaced, Ramirent continued to provide services.

“Ramirent has provided us with on-site logistics for moving people, equipment and goods safely and efficiently. The most challenging issue in this project was the elevator shaft. We needed help to adjust the hoist equipment so that it would fit into a very limited space area inside the elevator shaft. It was a tricky job to do and it needed several adjustments and creative solutions. At the same time we wanted a cost-efficient solution and safe working conditions”, says Valerijs Reinicans, customer representative at Towers Construction Management AS.

Flexible Logistics and On-Site Solutions
Ramirent managed to find a solution for the elevator shaft, which was both cost-efficient and safe. “We had a creative approach at all levels in order to adjust the equipment to the limited area”, says Raimonds Henks, Sales Manager at Ramirent Baltic AS Riga Branch.

“We increased the height of the hoist cabin to allow building materials to be moved. The hoist cabin was lowered through the elevator shaft by a tower crane attached at the top of the building. In that way we could avoid erection and dismantling costs. By adjusting what we already had in stock and only purchasing what was necessary, we managed to optimize the total cost of the project. We supported with regular check-ups to maintain safe use of equipment and safe working conditions”, says Raimonds Henks.


Careful Needs-Analysis Early in the Project
The benefits of renting the equipment from Ramirent were evident to Towers Construction Management AS. “Renting equipment instead of purchasing was an attractive option for us. It did not only help to reduce costs, but also allowed us to take advantage of the expertise of Ramirent staff professionals. Ramirent listened carefully to our needs and included all necessary details in their proposal. They gave us various options and were able to realise non-standard solutions”, says Valerijs Reinicans, customer representative at Towers Construction Management AS.

Valerijs Reinicans continues: “We have had an ongoing dialogue with Ramirent throughout the project. When any problems occurred with the equipment, for example, there was a Ramirent staff member on-site available to assist us immediately”.

As the project proceeds, Ramirent has been asked by subcontractors to provide a suspended platform for the elevator shaft, telehandlers and light machinery equipment, in order to continue developing the project.


SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland
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