Creative Scaffolding Rental Solution for the European Capital of Culture 2014

Customer Case Facts

Ramirent Baltic AS Riga Branch has carried out an innovative scaffolding project; Esplanade 2014 Information Building, as part of the Pavilion Programme for Riga European Capital of Culture 2014.

Creative Space and a Public Area Work Site
The Latvian capital Riga is the European Capital of Culture 2014. It is an excellent opportunity for cities to change their image, to put themselves on the global map, attract more tourists, and to re-think their development through culture for the benefit of their residents.

The Information Building has an everyday program for discussions, creative workshops, concerts and theatre performances. “It is an open creative space. We call it our culture summerhouse, because the building is situated in a public area; one of many parks in Riga City. It is a way of being close to and involve our inhabitants in the preparation of the Riga 2014 project”, says Diāna Čivle, Director of Riga 2014 Foundation and member of Artistic Council.

“The biggest challenge in the project was that everyone needed to be creative, not only the project group and the architect but also the installation company. We met with Ramirent and found a great partner for our project” says Diāna Čivle.

Working together with Ramirent we understand that if the approach of the company is creative, you can solve problems and find solutions for all artistic ideas

Riga 5

Building of International Recognition
Architect Austris Mailītis’ goal is to get international recognition with this project as a novel solution. “This project is an excellent example of utilisation of Ramirent Dynamic Rental SolutionsTM concept, whereby we engage early in the project to specify the particular requirements of the customer and deliver the right solution”, says Atis Bogomazovs, Project manager at Ramirent Baltic AS Riga Branch.

Besides scaffolding rental, Ramirent helped develop Esplanade 2014 Information Building in its early stages together with the architect, and participated in the public tender for the project. Ramirent also provided plywood floor for all levels of platforms and stairs, erected special transparent tent material for the roof and walls as well as provided bilateral video projection screens.

“This project was a very interesting experience that gave additional motivation for us at Ramirent. We are still working on several matters to complete the project and we will make additions to it next spring”, says Atis Bogomazovs.

Creative Solutions for Specific Needs
The idea of ​​using scaffolding for the building came from the architect of the project. “The use of scaffolding is a symbol for development and movement. Cultural processes are always under development, moving forward, not like a solid mountain which is standing still at all times. In this meaning, scaffolding was the right way of showing how open our program is”, says Diāna Čivle.

“Architects are designing not only a technical solution, but also a vision for something or someone. The artistic creations and ideas always need technical help and the solutions can be different, but working together with Ramirent we understand that if the approach of the company is creative, you can solve problems and find solutions for all artistic ideas. If you cooperate with a good installation company which is also creative in technical solutions, such as Ramirent, the result will be great!” says Diāna Čivle.

Next year, the Esplanade 2014 Information Building will feature concerts, movie as well as workshop days for children. Welcome to Riga, European Capital of Culture 2014!

For more information about the program and the latest updates, visit the official website.

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