A Safe Solution for the Olkiluoto Power Plant Construction Project

Customer Case Facts

Work safety matters were of highest importance for the OL3 power plant project. To meet the requirements of a demanding site, TVO needed a total solution.

A New-Generation Pressurized Water Plant
The Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is located on Olkiluoto Island of Eurajoki in western Finland and operated by Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), a public company that produces electricity. OL3 is a new-generation pressurized water plant and the largest power plant investment in Europe. The construction began in 2005 and is projected to end in 2017.

Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau, a company that offers engineering and construction services, is the construction manager of the building project.

Ramirent will always be our first contact in scaffolding and rental equipment matters

A Big and Complex Project with High Safety Rules
“The biggest challenge in the project was to fulfill all the necessary requirements of such big and complex project. When it comes to scaffolding safety rules, Ramirent was a great help. They were familiar with the local business climate and how things get done. Ramirent helped us understand “ the Finnish way of business”, and over time they became a partner who would predict our needs and solve our problems in no time”, says Frank Drewes, Commercial Head of Department for nuclear Power Plants at Heitkamp.

“We have had Ramirent representatives from the beginning and we have made a big development during the project. Ramirent has become a reliable and flexible partner”, he explains.

OL3 22

A Wide Range of Equipment and 24/7 on-site Support
Ramirent provided OL3 with a total solution, orchestrating the project as a team and looking at the bigger picture to make sure that the operation succeeded.

“Ramirent was the first and only rental company in the project in 2005. We have been involved in this project since, and have become experts on how to solve problems on-site. The Olkiluoto power station project is a demanding site in every sense. Work safety matters are naturally of the highest importance in a site of great national importance”, says Asko Nieminen, Product Line Manager at Ramirent Finland.

Ramirent has been available on-site 24/7 establishing local offices and warehouses with a team consisting of two local managers, one salesman, supervisors and between fifty to one hundred scaffolders and workmen.

“We have been providing scaffolding items for 70 000 square meters, weather shelters for 8000 square meters and equipment such as construction machinery, forklifts, personnel lifts, telehandlers and hoists, formwork and portable special units. The solution also included on-site electrical and heating systems, tower cranes, related planning, transportation and advisory service”, says Asko Nieminen.

Less Safety Concerns and The Beginning of a Strong Partnership
“Ramirent has been responsible for keeping the scaffolding at a safe level and carrying out inspections, possible changes and improvements. The calculation and dimension meant not only less safety concerns, but also reduced costs and time savings. Having a reliable and flexible partner in the project, who is aware of the safety rules and available 24/7, was not only the greatest benefit with Ramirent, it was also essential for the project.”, says Frank Drewes.

He continues, “Ramirent has been performing well in the project and fulfilled all our expectations. Our cooperation turned out to be the beginning of a strong partnership. Ramirent will always be our first contact in scaffolding and rental equipment matters.”

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland