Up in the air! Delivering the Omme 3000 to the Finnish Parliament House

Customer Case Facts

Unusual methods are sometimes needed to get the job done. This was most definitely the case with the transportation of the Omme 3000 RBD lift to location at the Finnish Parliament House in Helsinki.

The Omme 3000 RBD lift was needed for assessing the condition of the Finnish Parliament House. The assessments were to take place in one of the three inner yards of the Parliament House, but as it was built in 1907, the doors, corridors and hallways were not designed for large machinery to pass through. This became apparent when Mika Ollilla, the project leader from Ramirent, tried to move the equipment through the service rout together with the customer, Seppo Kokkonen from Ukri Oy. It was close, but no cigar!

“We need to get the machine in there no matter what it takes”, said Seppo. “No problem, let’s solve it!”, Mika replied.

Lift 4

If you can’t proceed on land, you must venture for the skies!
Mika contacted Havator Oy about renting a crane to lift the Omme 3000 to its destination. After careful calculations the conclusion was made that it would indeed be possible to deliver the equipment from the top rather than ground level. A risk analyses and a lifting plan were made and the scheme to hoist the equipment through the air was set.

A combination of determination, co-operation and know-how can be turned into a striking display of power. On Monday August 26th the Omme 3000 was secured to the crane and lifted 30 meters high and then set to its location in the Parliament House’s inner yard, allowing the customer to proceed with their task.

Another project successfully completed with the can-do attitude that defines the Ramirent business culture!

Renting is smarter
Renting equipment, big or small, is often the smarter solution. Buying costly equipment that is rarely used ties down massive amounts of capital that could be put to much better use. When you rent machinery you’re not only acquiring the right to use it, but expert advice and valuable help ensuring your project’s success, too.

A part of ensuring that the customer’s experience about Ramirent is a positive one is making sure that the requested equipment fits their needs. A straightforward approach is usually the best one. Additional questions can clarify the nature of the project in a way that helps avoid any unpleasant surprises and of course, highlights Ramirent’s expertise.

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland