Ramirent has always been a solutions provider

Back in 1955 Ramirent started out as a shop for steel nails. It was natural to branch out to meet the needs of the construction industry and soon we started to supply other material and tools.

One guiding principle – customer first
During all these years we have been guided by one simple, principle: the customer always comes first and that we can achieve the best results by working closely with the customers.

In the 1980s, this led us into offering equipment rental solutions, and we have expanded that business ever since also to other industry sectors.

Many customer types – one guiding principle
As the number of customers have grown over the years, we have come to serve a broad range of industries, as well as private consumers. We believe everybody benefits from our rental solutions, because renting is the ecosmart, cost-effective choice.

Now we are present at more than 350 locations in Europe, we meet our customers locally at our customer centers, delivering over one million rentals each year.

Service and knowhow is part of the delivery
Not only do we deliver rental equipment, we also supply services and share our knowhow. Our skilled staff use their long experience to solve customer needs such as temporary space, power generation and logistics for construction sites. Our wide offering of tailored solutions help our customers to enhance their productivity, safety and eco-efficiency. We know that renting equipment offers many benefits to our customers.

Dynamic Rental Solutions™
At the core of Ramirent’s operations is Dynamic Rental Solutions™. It is our way of working together with our customer, simplifying your business.

All of us are at your service.
How can we help you?
Let’s solve it.

SVP, Marketing, Communications, IR
Ramirent Plc, Finland
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