Climate Monitoring Technology Offers Great Results in Challenging Dust Handling

Customer Case Facts

Replacement of contaminated soil is under way in a residential area on Kemppilänkatu Street in Loimaa, in Finland. The residents have temporarily moved out of their homes for the duration of two months. Meanwhile a local contractor carries out the replacement of soil in the gardens of the private houses. The buildings have been protected with an innovative package solution by Ramirent, a system that protects the buildings from the weather, dust and other possible impurities.

Excavation of Contaminated Soil
The worksite adheres to strict regulations in these kind of situations. The authorization was issued by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Southwest Finland. It requires that “the dwelling houses in the immediate vicinity of the excavations must be covered for the duration of the excavation of the contaminated soil so that dust produced by the excavation does not reach the exterior surfaces or enter the interiors of the houses”.

Ramirent Provides a Unique Technology
The contractor’s dust handling responsibilities are defined in detail in the safety document issued for the worksite. To fulfill these requirements, the contractor decided to use the expertise and technology of Ramirent ClimateSolveTM. Ramirent prepared an overall project plan, combining expertise on weather protection and modern dust handling methods.

Over Pressure in the Houses
Ramirent began the work by covering all the buildings at the worksite with a breathing filter fabric. Next the houses were over-pressurized by bringing outdoor air to the interiors through state-of-the-art filtered air cleaners. This created a small over pressure that prevents impurities from entering the building interiors. Ramirent’s system enables monitoring of the amount of overpressure in the buildings, indoor humidity and temperature in real time for the entire duration of the soil replacement. “This technology has never been used before in this field, not in Finland at least”, says product manager Sami Metso of Ramirent.

Monitoring Room
A construction foreman is responsible for monitoring the conditions in the buildings. He can do this quickly by checking the conditions on the computer in a monitoring room. If indoor humidity, temperature or the amount of overpressure differs from the desired value, the problem can be addressed immediately since the system automatically sends notifications to predefined telephone numbers. The worksite supervisor can also easily check that everything is going according to plans.

Wireless climate condition monitoring and remote control
The real-time measured data immediately provides an accurate picture of the conditions and allows for smooth long-term worksite condition measurements. Ramirent’s unique system facilitates quality control at the worksite. It can be supplemented with features such as measurement of carbon dioxide, wind speed or the development of the strength of concrete. In winter, the system secures plastering and bricklaying conditions in the space between the scaffold sheeting and the frame, which has also been praised by contractors and supervisors.
• Measurements can easily be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet.
• The monitoring station can be used to trace different variables in real-time. Measurable variables include: temperature and humidity (concrete dehydration, borehole logging), weather conditions, pressure differences (dust handling), airflows (m/s), carbon dioxide, etc.
• Full Rate 3G Internet connection included.

A Safe and High Quality Solution
Once the replacement of the soil is complete, the filter fabrics are removed from the buildings, ensuring that dust adhered to the fabrics is not released to the surroundings. After cleaning and replacing the air shafts of the buildings, the temporary air conditioning system is removed and the measurement system is disassembled. With modern technology, all the work stages can be carried out safely and with a high level of quality.

Communication Coordinator
Ramirent Plc, Finland
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