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SL – part of the public transport system in Stockholm – stays in power with Ramirent!

Customer Case Facts

How would you solve the power supply for a construction area of 30 000 square meters? Well, when building a tram depot, SL had to find a solution to keep the project going. We met up with Per-Erik Berglund, production manager at SL, and asked him about the new depot and how Ramirent made SL stay in power.

Ramirent provides us with the right combination of products, service and know-how

Per-Erik, can you tell us a bit about the project?
We’re building a new tram depot that will make room for fifty-six trams. With an area of 30 000 square meters, the tram depot will provide space for engineering work, washing, wheel correction, graffiti clean-up, service and testing side tracks, bodywork, management subsystem and central supply. Building a tram depot means requires investments in the construction site to make everything work. One of the main things needed is a reliable power supply.

Per-Erik Berglund. Production Manager. SL

What’s the relation between SL and Ramirent?
Ramirent won an entrepreneurial contest for the establishment and is now providing us with a power solution for the construction site. They are helping us with a total solution for power supply and make sure we’ve got the power we require, from installation and operation to maintenance and removal of the equipment.

What’s your opinion about Ramirent’s power supply knowledge?
Ramirent has got very good knowledge about power supplies. They’ve provided us with a total power solution for the entire construction site, which is just what we wanted. Ramirent’s knowledge is very important to us, because we lack the “know-how” within SL to provide a complete power solution. Purchasing this service from Ramirent is not only a question of power supply, it’s also a question of skill and competence.

What challenges have you faced during this project when it comes to power supply?
We haven’t had any major problems so far concerning power supply. But whenever we’ve needed help Ramirent has provided us with a solution within no time. In that way we’ve been able to keep the project running as planned and that’s very valuable for us.

Could Ramirent have solved anything in a different way?
No, I don’t think so. Raiment has solved all of our problems when it comes to power supply. I’m the one leading this project and everything I’ve asked for, Ramirent has done – so I’m quite happy!

So, if you were going to run a similar project, would you use Ramirent again?
Yes, absolutely. We’ve had a great cooperation. Ramirent brings us great value for our money – and also they’ve fulfilled everything that we required. They listen to our problems and provide us with a solution, but they also come up with suggestions that me myself would never have thought of. In that way Ramirent provides us with the right combination of products, service and know-how.

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Communication Coordinator
Ramirent Plc, Finland
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