Boliden AB and the Garpenberg expansion gets a space solution!

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Deep down in the woods of Dalarna there’s a big project going on. We decided to travel to Boliden’s expansion project to meet up with Peter Richardson, project manager, to ask him about how they got everything in place and what solution Ramirent provided, when it comes to space.

Ramirent is a specialist in handling large projects and creating efficient working environments

Peter, this project looks massive! Can you tell me what you’re doing out here?
Boliden AB is investing 3.9 billion SEK in expanding the Garpenberg mine here in Dalarna. The project is running from 2011 to 2014 and will see the construction, installation and commissioning of new underground and surface facilities. The expansion will increase the ore production from the current level of 1.4 to 2.5 millions per year, with full production reached at the end of 2015. The recently approved expansion is expected to extend the mine’s lifespan to at least 2030.

Peter Rickardson, Boliden

What will it look like under ground versus over ground?
Under ground we’re building two new shafts, one for personell transport and one for production hoisting. The ore will be crushed in one of the mine’s new crusher stations and be hoisted up to the surface from a depth of 1175 meters.
Over ground we’re building a completely new concentrator to mill and enrich the ore.

What’s the relation between Ramirent and Boliden AB?
We’ve had a good cooperation with Ramirent in the past running various kinds of projects. Sometimes we’ve only hired single equipment like sky lifts and other times they’ve helped us with complete solutions for projects.

What kind of space solution is Ramirent providing you with?
Ramirent is delivering modular buildings for offices, catering, changing rooms and conference rooms. But for this project Ramirent is also providing us with machine equipment and work related education, which is very good.

What’s your opinion about Ramirents knowledge about space solve?
I believe Ramirent has got very high competence and high level of service. They have provided us with convenient, high standards modular buildings for the construction site. They are specialists in handling large projects and creating efficient working environments.

What challenges have you faced during this project when it comes to space?
Specifically for Garpenberg 2.5 the big challenge has been the space. We had very small areas to start off with and asked ourselves – where are we going to place all the modules? This is a big construction project and we have lots of people working here. Together with Ramirent we found a solution that turned out to work really well. They’ve helped us with a total space solution, from planning, installation and transportation to maintenance and future disassembly of the units. They have also planned the needs for things like electricity, water, lighting and ventilation – it’s basically like a real office here.

Why did boliden ab choose Ramirent to provide a space solution?
Ramirent knows what we’re after. They deliver the solution on time, designed and equipped as agreed. Their service is also very fast, we never have to wait for equipment, they provide us in no time. Ramirents solution is very cost-efficient and they adapt the solution very well for one individual project. And they’re always around the corner, ready to help out – even at eight a clock in the evening! But also, what’s great with Ramirent is that they deliver the whole package – they not only provide, but also adapt and design the space solution for you. That’s very comfortable!

Communication Coordinator
Ramirent Plc, Finland
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