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Customer Case Facts

When SL – part of the public transport system in Stockholm – started to build a new tram depot, a secure site access was one of the main things needed to keep the project going. We took the opportunity to ask Per-Erik Berglund, production manager at SL, about the new depot and the access solution.

Ramirent provided us with a solution that is working for us and we are very happy with it

Per-Erik, tell us about the new tram depot!
We’re building a new tram depot in the Ulvsunda industrial area of Bromma in Stockholm. The building project began in 2009 and the new tram depot is planned to start operate in 2014. It will provide shelter, accommodation and protection of fifty-six trams when finished.

What kind of access solution is Ramirent providing SL with?
Ramirent is providing SL with an access solution called ID06. ID06 is an authorization photo ID card developed and customized for the construction industry. Ramirent has helped us install ID06 and is also supporting us throughout the time it will be used. Ramirent’s access solution covers site security, but also planning, transportation and installation of the ID system.

How is the ID06 used?
ID06 is used as identification for everyone working within the construction area. It is also used as a locking system, which means that you have access to the construction site and all the facilities that the ID card is connected to. It could be used, for example, to get access to the office or the changing rooms. At present we don’t use the ID06 for compulsory and attendance reporting, but maybe we will in the future, when the construction site is more complete.

What are the main benefits of the access solution provided by Ramirent?
Well, first of all the ID06 makes it more difficult for unauthorized persons to enter the building sites and prevent illegal labor which leads to an increased level of security. Second of all, Ramirent has been very helpful when installing the ID system and delivered what we asked for.

What’s your opinion about Ramirents’ knowledge about access solution?
Raiment has got very good knowledge about access solutions. The id-system means a safer construction site with improved working environment in mind. The access solution that Ramirent provides makes it safer and the work processes more efficient on the construction site.

What challenges have you faced during this project when it comes to the access solutions?
We haven’t had any problems at all so far concerning access. Ramirent has provided us with a solution that’s working for us and we’re very happy with.

So, if you were going to run a similar project, would you use Ramirent again?
Yes, absolutely. We’ve had a great cooperation. Ramirent brings us great value for our money – and also they’ve fulfilled everything that we required. They listen to our problems and provide us with a solution, but they also come up with suggestions that me myself would never have thought of. In that way Ramirent gives us the right combination of products, service and “know-how”.

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Communication Coordinator
Ramirent Plc, Finland
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